Tim Woodbridge is a businessman who has founded a number of companies specialising in the design and manufacture of specialist materials. His father undertook all the original research on Stourhead and is acknowledged as its ‘master historian’.

Woodbridge says, ‘I always wondered why there are so few records covering the first ten years of building the garden at Stourhead. It was only when I gathered all the fragments of evidence together, that everything fell into place and I realised that Henry Hoare built an earlier garden and then shortly after it was completed, flooded it to create the Great Lake. Why? 

In writing The Choice, I discovered someone who used the iconography of myth and legend to express, not only ambition for his family but also the grief he felt at the loss of those most close to him. His story is of a banker who became an artist and created a masterpiece. 

In researching The Choice Tim Woodbridge has discovered a tragic, caring, inspiring and heroic man in Henry Hoare.

Tim lives with his partner, Jennie Hunt, outside London. They have two children.


Kenneth Woodbridge was the master historian of Stourhead. Painter, psychologist, writer, potter, code-breaker, teacher, film editor, he first visited Stourhead in 1952 where he was immediately struck by what he described as ‘the energy and passion’ of the place. His quest to find out why it had such an enormous impact on him led to ten years research resulting in, as his obituary observed ‘a work of monumental scholarship’. Almost everything we know about Stourhead comes from Kenneth. 

Kenneth Woodbridge was a founder member of the Garden History Society and the first editor of the French section of the Oxford Companion to Gardens. He died in 1988.




Liz Dotesio  is a local artist living within 15 miles of Stourhead , with her husband . They have 3 children.

Her great grandfather established Dotesio's Printers in Bradford-on-Avon and Dotesio publishing has been revived for the publication of The Choice.