The building of Stourhead brought to life
"I loved this book. I was sorry when I came to the end - always a good sign!" ~ Joanna Goddard
The building of Stourhead brought to life


1783. A summer's night. Henry Hoare, a tired old man of 78 years, lies awake tormented over his decision to disinherit his nephew, Richard, from succession to the Hoare family bank and the Stourhead estate.

Unable to sleep he walks the garden through the night contemplating the solitary journey he has endured and the enormous risks he has taken in creating his famous garden at Stourhead.

What had begun as an indulgence became an obsession as he struggled to come to terms with the deaths of all those close to him, but when he flooded the garden to forget the past a miracle occurred. He found he had created a place of such beauty that he was made whole again.

As he dresses for breakfast Henry Hoare reflects on his long night and what he must now do to secure the family’s future…

When he arrived a miraculous change awaited him. His garden had disappeared.   The cold air from the Plain had slipped down the valley and across the warm water, covering the garden with a soft, silent blanket of fog.